Each year, millions of people migrate from the colder regions of the United States and Canada to sunny, warmer locations like Florida, California, or other Sunbelt states. Living a snowbird lifestyle offers the best of both worlds: you can maintain friendships and stay connected to family and familiar places, but you can also escape from the cold, often treacherous, winter weather. It sounds like a dream come true, right!? Well, before you start packing, here are a few tips to help you enjoy the advantages of a snowbird lifestyle while avoiding some of the challenges:



The best way to plan for the cost of dual-living is to get organized and do your research. You?ll be responsible for two house payments, two utility bills, two water bills, two electric bills, etc. You?re maintaining two households. A perfect option to balance that is community living. If you?re part of an association, often times your yard maintenance and things like that are taken care of for you. Renting a place in your secondary location is another option. This allows you to enjoy two locations without being responsible for buying two sets of appliances and the like. Seasonal parks allow for home ownership without all the hassle. Often, these living communities have planned events, hobbies, and community get-togethers. Your quality of life will improve but the costs will stay low.

Living Expenses:

The traditional route a snowbird takes is to a Sunbelt state in the U.S. Another option that may be less expensive is to relocate overseas. Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama are all popular retirement spots and you can, on average, retire there for around $1000/month. Your dollar will stretch a little further and you can afford to reduce your costs while you?re away.



For many retirees, it?s hard to let go of the home they raised children in, the home that was a staple for everything their family represented. The problem is, that home is now much too large, especially if you?re planning on living in two locations. Downsize to a smaller place in each location to make it more affordable. A smaller living space would also save you on utility costs.



The beauty of this technological world we live in is the advancements out there to make life a little easier to navigate. Airbnb is a perfect chance to rent out your family home and, if the mortgage is already paid off, earn some extra income. Your friends and family are close by to help out with cleaning in between guests and to restock any supplies they may need. You could also just rent out your home for a season. Again, you?ll feel better knowing that friends and family are nearby to help if the renters don?t work out.


Get a Side Gig:

Finding a part time job to supplement some income while you?re away is another great option. You can often find jobs in retail or some other flexible position. Those types of jobs have high turn-over rates and are usually looking to hire someone dependable, even if it?s just for the season.