9-Hole Golf Course

Travelers Country Club on the Mississippi boasts an executive length 9-hole golf course with tree lined fairways that wind through the park.

Park members’ trailers and lots line each side of the fairways. On many sunny mornings, members can be seen walking to the green and having a good time with friends. Golf is FREE to members and minimal cost to guests.

The Park hosts a number of tournaments during the season and offers many opportunities for members to improve their game.

TCCOM Golf Course Rules

PGA Golf Etiquette

Hole #1 (129 yards – Par 3)

The TCCOM golf course starts off at the 1st Fairway. Although there are no Tee times, long wait times are rare as members ready to try their skill on the course.

This fairway features a slight downhill shot with the green surrounded by trees on three sides; flat green center to right, downhill slope on left. Tee and approach shots need to land center to right on green for par or you may have to depend on your short game. Hole in one is not out of sight.

Hole #2 (182 yards – Par 3 for Men / Par 4 for Women)

This hole is the #1 handicap hole for a good reason. An accurate tee shot is needed to negotiate a tight uphill tree-lined fairway to an elevated green. Slice too much to the right and the ball will get lost among the oak trees. Hit too far to the left and you may land in someone’s yard.

Approach shots need to be high to stick on the green. Once on the green, putts do not always break the way you read them.

Hole #3 (116 yards – Par 3)

Club selection is important for this short downhill tree-lined fairway to a green that slopes front to back. Hit too far
and the ball will end up by the outside storage area.

Tee shot must be high to make it hold the green or your short game will be tested in selecting the correct bump and run approach shot.

Hole #4 (255 yards – Par 4)

The 4th fairway boasts a beautiful view from the tee box. Homes on the left, woods on the right. The tendency is to fire up and let it rip. Who can resist? Try it and you could be bouncing off roofs or losing your ball in the woods.

Safe play is to lay up and take it home with an 8 or 9 iron. Birdie is not out of sight. The fairway angles to the right.

(Give ‘n Take is located just southwest of the Activity Building.)

Hole #5 (186 yards – Par 3)

The 5th fairway is another tight tree-lined fairway with a narrow entrance to the green. A perfect tee shot will carry you to the green.

Slice it over the trees on the left or take it down the right side with a slight draw and you’re home.

Hole #6 (151 yards – Par 3)

The 6th fairway is tight and narrow at the start but opens wide 90 yards out. Take it high over the trees with a slight slice and you’ll be putting for birdie. Over-shoot the green and you’ll be weeding the garden.

Hole #7 (319 yards – Par 4)

The 7th fairway is the longest in the Park. It will take more than one swing to make it to the green. The fairway is straight away, wide and open.

Polish up the driver and let it rip. Slice it though, and you’re out of bounds and picking corn. This is a potential birdie hole.

Hole #8 (93 yards – Par 3)

Don’t let the yardage on the 8th fairway fool you. It is a downhill fairway with a flat sloping downhill green as your target.

A high tee shot is required to hold your ball on the green. Miss the green and your short game is tested with either a downhill, uphill or sharp breaking left to right approach shot. Good news – this hole has yielded many hole-in-ones. (In fact, this is the fairway used for TCCOM’s hole-in-one contest!)

Hole #9 (157 yards – Par 3)

The 9th fairway wraps up the TCCOM course. It is a challenging straight-away open uphill fairway to a bowl-shaped green. Place your ball in the bowl and you’re home with a birdie or par.

When you complete your round and have tallied your score, enter it in the computer scorebook located in the upper level of the Clubhouse and we will figure your handicap.