It’s tee-time! Living on a golf course sounds like a dream come true and, for a lot of people, it is. There are a lot of benefits to living in a golf course community and, for the right people, it really is a perfect place to call home.

So, what are the benefits of living on a golf course? We’re glad you asked! Here are the top four (because who doesn’t like a golf pun?) reasons why living on a golf course is a great decision:

Take a Look at that View!

You’ll never tire of the beautiful landscapes if you live on a golf course. Golf course views aren’t the only sights you’ll enjoy either. In addition to the manicured beauty of the golf course itself, often, there are gardens and other natural landscapes to observe. A river or lake view is just an added bonus you’ll likely find.

Amenities Everywhere

As you settle into the golf course lifestyle, you’ll notice there’s rarely a lull in the action. The amenities and activities available go beyond golf. Pools, tennis courts, community halls, and parks are just some of the added amenities you’ll find living on a golf course. As an additional perk, you’ll find a sense of fellowship. Many of the people living in a golf course community are retired or, at the very least, like-minded. They all chose to live on a golf course for many of the same reasons and you’ll find lasting relationships.

Maintenance-Free Fun

As previously stated, the landscaping and views are flawless. That will cross-over into your own properties. Association fees will take care of lawn maintenance. The consistency of maintenance to your home and your neighbor’s homes ensure that everyone’s yards look great. Also, you’ll rest easier knowing your safety and comfort are taken care of.


The best reason to live on a golf course is the unlimited amount of golfing you’ll do! You can turn your favorite hobby into a lifestyle and that’s not something many people can boast about. The golf course is never far away so all you have to do is grab your clubs and hit the green.

Whether you’re an avid golfer or just someone who enjoys a relaxing and comfortable lifestyle, golf course living has it all. The benefits of living on a golf course are as satisfying as a hole in one. Welcome home.