Park Manager’s Report

What a great 4th of July Weekend!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people enjoying our pool at the same time.  In fact, the entire Park was busy with member parties, Taco-in-a-bag, Hole-in-one, Funkhana, 4th of July Parade and Carnival.  It is greatly appreciated that everyone can have a great time with only a few rules infractions.


Shareholder Information Sheet

As many of you know, we’ve had several occasions so far this season when EMTs and ambulances were needed in the Park.  To ensure the Office has a contact in case of emergency and that all other member information is up to date, we’ve created the Shareholder Information Sheet.  This includes vehicle license plate and golf cart information for faster and less expensive administration of the Park.  Please stop by the office to review your sheet prior to leaving for the season.


Updated TCCOM Directory on-line

The alphabetical, lot # and emergency sections of directory have been updated as of July 1st.  That is where you’ll find the most current directory information.  It is located on the Member Tab, Park Communications drop down link.


“30 Day Rule”

From time to time, some members get an email from me pertaining to the “30 Day Rule” and some confusion arises from those emails.  So, I thought I’d clarify the procedure I use.

Per your Rules, I check the park almost every week to ensure properties are kept up so the Park looks its best for members, guests and prospective buyers.  I usually inspect at the beginning of the week to allow time for the office to contact those members who need to take action.  We allow thru the following weekend (especially for weekenders) so members have time to act on the emails.

Since we give a week or more after the inspection before action needs to be taken, I have to visualize that lot one week into the future.  If I was to wait until the lawn or weeds are really long, and then add another week to that, the lots (and Park in general) would look very unkempt.



  • Most rules violations over the 4th of July weekend – especially speeding and driving golf carts — were by guests. We also noted some kids with bicycles and scooters riding on the golf course cart paths by 6th and 9th hole the evening of July 2nd.  It is your responsibility to know and educate family and guests of your rules.  We don’t want to put your guests into an embarrassing situation because either you or your guests violated your Rules.
  • No ATV’s are allowed in the Park
  • Please do not use laundry pods or powder in the washing machines. They gum up our high efficiency machines and are bad for the septic system.

Special Lost Item

  • We’ve had a complete set of golf clubs and bag for about a month that no one has claimed. Please come to the office to identify or it will be donated.


Winter Golf Cart Storage

You may sign up to store your golf cart over the winter in the Activity Building beginning August 1st. We can store about 35 golf carts.


Single Seat – $65.00

Two Seats – $90.00


Maintenance Update

  • The windows in the Clubhouse need repair or replacing. Bids will be brought to the BOD when they come in.


  • Tree injections are done for the year and it came in $4068 under budget.


  • The Clubhouse has some water issues on the North side of the building foundation. I am working on ideas on how to resolve the issues. Those issues and some other areas may need mud or sand jacking. Also alterations to the downspouts are needed to correct the source of the problem.


  • Design of the new septic system replacement is awaiting approval from the county. As soon as the approval comes back, I will update Jim Beaudette and Chuck McColgan, but it may be a couple of weeks before approval comes in. It may cost between $15,000 and $25,000 to put in the new septic system.


Upcoming Events

Calling all bridge players

We meet Monday nights at 7:00pm at the Clubhouse and play party bridge. We would love to get more players. Please join us! It’s a “Grand Slam” of fun!!


Sundaes on Saturday

This event will be on Saturday, July 22, from 1:30pm – 3:00pm in the Activity Building. Ice cream sundaes and root beer floats will be available for $2.50. In addition there will be a 50/50 raffle and a Bean Bag tournament. Come and enjoy a cool ice cream treat and have fun playing Bean Bag!


TCCOM Church Services

Everyone is invited to Sunday Worship Services at 10:00 am Sunday mornings at the Activity Building.

July 23rd – Benson Family Gospel Singers

July 30th – Lindley Creek Family Singers (Bluegrass)

August 6th – Pastor Evenson with Holy Communion


Potluck and Karaoke

Saturday – August 5th – 5:30-7:30 pm at the Activity Building.

Bring a dish, beverage, plus plates/utensils, and your great voice.

We have several discs, but if you have a disc you like, bring that too.


Ladies Luncheon and Style Show

This event will take place on Tuesday, August 15th at the Activity Building at 11:30 am with lunch served at 11:45.

If your last name begins with A – L, bring a salad to share.

If your last name begins with M –Z, bring a dessert to share.

Burn Pile Notes

Who doesn’t enjoy watching a controlled burn?  Dale and Ted put on a great show on June 1st when they burned the Burn Pile, located just north of Lot #442.

However, the operative word is controlled.  We’ve noticed some members dumping ashes in the burn pile (versus a minimum of 3 feet from the burn pile) and in the woods.  Both of which can ignite unexpectedly no matter how much you believe the ashes are out.

Also, some members are dumping contaminated dirt (dirt with gravel or sod) by (or in) the Burn Pile.  Clean fill dirt can be deposited on the west side of the road to the Burn Pile.  Contaminated dirt must be removed from the Park.

And finally, the Burn Pile is for branches only per the sign.  The DNR does not allow us (or anyone at their residence) to burn treated, painted, glued, etc. lumber (that goes in the construction dumpster and is paid for at the office), trash (goes in respective dumpster) or leaves (goes in temporary leaf pile).


Activity Committee Report

The upcoming 4th of July Holiday and the weekend before promises many fun activities for all park members and guests.


The annual Hole-in-One contest will be held on Saturday, July 1st, from 11AM until 4PM at the #8 tee box.  Prizes are awarded in three categories: Men’s, Women’s and Junior’s 12 and under for closest to the pin or holes in one.  To qualify, men need to be inside a 15’ circle, women and juniors need to be inside a 30’ circle.  Golf balls are 3 for $1 or 6 for $2.  Bring your own clubs of choice.  Come join the fun.


While waiting to tee off, or just being a spectator, pick up a Taco-in-a-Bag at the taco stand located by the lattice work near the 8th hole. Tacos will be available for sale from 11:00am to 3:00pm.

  • 1 taco and bottle of water – $3.00
  • 2 tacos and bottle of water – $5.00
  • Cookies or Chips – .50
  • Soda – $1.00
  • Beer – $2.00


The annual 4th of July golf cart parade will be at 11:00am on the Fourth.

Following the parade, the Annual Carnival kicks off at 12:00 noon, running until 2:30pm. Children’s games will be twenty-five cents. Also available for sale will be brats, hot dogs, chips, cookies, and beverages.

Scavenger Hunt

Over the Memorial Day weekend, 35 kids participated in a scavenger hunt and obstacle course activity.

Personnel/Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is at this time looking for qualified candidates who may be interested in serving on the TCCOM Board of Directors. The Directors are elected for a 3 year term and must submit their names prior to the July BOD meeting.

Other News Around the Park

Summer Church

Everyone is invited to Summer Church at 10:00am Sunday mornings at the Activity Building.

  • June 25 – Gordy Allex will preach with special music by Tom Malchow
  • July2 – Pastor Jack Renberg with Holy Communion, and special music by

Darlene Chapman

  • July 9 – Kim Norlien, local artist, will share his testimony and display artwork


Singles and Solos

The Singles and Solos group meets every Monday afternoon at 4:00 pm on the Clubhouse deck. Please bring a finger food to share and your own beverage. For more information, stop by Lot #267.

Ladies: Save the Date

Tuesday, August 15th, Ladies Luncheon and Style Show. Details to follow.


Stitch and Weave

Just a reminder that the Stitch and Weave group meets at the Activity Building on Tuesday afternoons at 1:00pm. Join them to do your knitting, cross stitch, Swedish weaving, any other handwork, or just come to visit.

50’s – 60’s Dance

Ok gals, drag out those poodle skirts, and guys, roll up your jeans, and get ready to

“Rock N’ Roll” at the 50’s-60’s dance on Saturday, July 8th at the Activity Building. This is a MONEY RAISER for Give N’ Take so even if you don’t dance the jitterbug come and watch while enjoying the music. Tickets are $5 per couple or $7 per family. The dance will be from 7:00pm to 9:00pm and it is BYOB. There will be soda, assorted chip snacks, ice cream, and water for sale at the dance. No presale tickets –pay at the door when you come. All ages welcome. Let’s make this a great MONEY MAKER for Give N’ Take and have fun at the same time.

Did You Know?

TCCOM was originally incorporated in 1977 by John Olson, Harry Osvold, and Dan Person; 299 lot sites were laid out the following year, and were completely sold out by October 1979. The annual fee was $190 a year and included electricity and taxes. At the general membership meeting on May 3, 1980, the first board of directors was installed and ownership was transferred to the members. Notes from the history of the park indicate 273 bottles of champagne were consumed at the celebratory luncheon following the meeting! More information about the beginnings

of our park can be found at the website,


Park Manager’s Report

Welcome back to TCCOM for another great season. For those who arrived early on April 15th, Marty had the course ready for golf, the Park looked great and the Office was ready to welcome you back! (Well, we did have a lot of rain and below normal temps for the next two weeks but other than that it was great.)


Palmer Wireless – Clubhouse and Residential (for Palmer Wireless TCCOM Members)

  • Free Wifi is available at the Clubhouse and Secure Wifi at your units. Just stop in the office for more information.
  • I still don’t have any more information pertaining to TV over Palmer fiber optic cable or the roll out of cable to the balance of the park.
  • 911 Wi-Fi calling: Now that we have reliable Wi-Fi via Palmer Wireless, I have switched my phone to Wi-Fi calling. However, Palmer does not auto update the settings in your phone. If members are already using Wi-Fi calling (versus minutes and data plans) then they will be familiar with updating the 911 address to reflect TCCOM. IPhone users can select a preferred network. Android users must click on Palmer and type in the address for TCCOM.



Garden Plots are ready. If you reserved a plot and haven’t been assigned your plot number, please stop at the Office.


Beaudry Oil will be in the Park on May 25th and 26th, and possibly the 27th to fill propane tanks.


Erkens water softeners are in and ready for pick up at the Clubhouse for those who reserved one.


TCCOM Logo apparel is available two ways:

At the Office or Board Meetings by ordering through JaniRae, or at our website (member tab, park communications dropdown link) through Queensboro Logo Apparel.


Do you play bocce ball? I need some pictures of members playing bocce ball on our courts for our web page. If you have some digital pictures to share, please email them to me. Also, if you’d like to write some copy for our web page that would be great. Thanks.


 “30 day rule”

Please don’t forget that all lots (to include outside storage if you rented a space) were to be cleaned up by May 15th. In order to ensure that the great image of our Park for members, guests and other visitors continues throughout the season, I am touring the Park on a weekly basis to enforce this rule.


  • Don’t forget the 2017 annual membership meeting scheduled for Saturday, June 10th, at the Activity building. Breakfast will be available at 8:00am, followed at 9:00am by the Annual Membership meeting.
  • The most current TCCOM Directory is online, at the Member tab on our website, Park Communications drop down link.
  • Empty spaces in the outside storage lots are not for guest parking. No cars, trucks or motorcycles are to be parked in outside storage. Guest parking on common grounds is OK.
  • Most everyone enjoys a nice campfire. Please remember that some members and guests can’t tolerate smoke (for health reasons). Please, do not burn wet wood; and per park rules, there is no burning of leaves, trash, etc.
  • There is new signage at the construction dumpster and scrap metal and electronics trailers with prices for disposal of typical items.
  • Off season bulk emails are posted on the Office bulletin board. If you haven’t been receiving these emails, please check you spam folder. Email providers often change their security protocols and, as a result, emails you used to get may now be sent to the Spam folder.
  • Let the Office know if you aren’t getting the bulk emails and if you didn’t find them in your Spam folder and the office has your correct email address.
  • Are you missing a golf cart or grill cover? If so, check with the office, as the covers that blew around the park during a storm several months ago were collected and are now in the Clubhouse garage.
  • Ticks are out in full force this season, especially in the Clear Lake Township Park and in TCCOM woods. Protect yourselves and your pets. Stay on the paths and cut grass, and out of the brush and high grass.


Upcoming Park Activities

There will be a Scavenger Hunt/Obstacle Course for the kids on May 28th (Memorial Day weekend) at 1:00pm at the Activity Building, age groups 2 to 7, and 8 to 12. This will be a 30 to 40 minute activity, and a parent must attend with the younger children. There will be a signup sheet upstairs in the Clubhouse on the table by the couches. Please let us know how many will be attending from your family, and the age group they are in. If it is raining, the event will be cancelled.

Also on May 28th, there will be a Movie Night at 7:00pm in the Activity Building. Bring your own treats and a blanket if the kids would like to lay on the floor to watch the movie. Movie title to be announced.

On Saturday, June 10th, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm there will be Karaoke and Potluck. Bring a dish to pass, and your own utensils.

Also mark on your calendar these new events:

  • On Saturday, July 8th, a 50’s/60’s Dance Party. Keep an eye out for costume items for this event.
  • Start perfecting your chili recipe for a Chili Cook-off on September 3rd.
  • Look for more information on these events in future editions of Wheels.