When you?re decorating a second home or seasonal space your inventory can get pretty full. Whether the space is used all year round or just as a family getaway space, items tend to accumulate pretty quickly. In an attempt to help avoid landing on an episode of Hoarders, here are some decorating hacks that are sure to save you space and money:


Play with Paint:

The quickest and least expensive way to spruce up any space is by adding a fresh coat of paint. Try painting the ceilings for added dimension and depth. Choose colors that will complement the natural light for each room. This is the way to personalize the space without adding more stuff to the equation.


Reuse and Recycle:

You?ve already probably got an entire house full of stuff. Chances are you have at least one room in your home that is packed with stuff you?re not entirely sure what to do with. Take old necklaces and rhinestones to adorn your curtains or curtain rods. That way you?re decluttering one space and making the other feel more like home.  (Travelers Country Club on the Mississippi has a free thrift exchange for members called Give ?n Take.  Drop off the usable items you don?t need, pick up the ones you do ? for free.)


Creative Storage:

Include furniture and shelving that doubles as decoration — end tables that can hold blankets, wall shelves as closet space. These hacks will help you with storage while avoiding taking up floor space and adding clutter.