This year, we are all feeling the effects of the pandemic in our country. Sure, the changes in how we conduct ourselves in public, gather with friends and do our shopping are troublesome, but for snowbirds, it’s an especially difficult year. Around this time, snowbirds usually plan their flight back home.

Should I Fly South, or Stay Put?

Many snowbirds are asking themselves, “Is it okay to return home this year? Should I stay put?” If you are one of these snowbirds, it might be a good idea to consider changing your plans. If you are looking to return to a bigger city or area that is having COVID-19 flare-ups, it might seem like a better idea to stay put when possible.

For others, they don’t have much of an option than to return home. We don’t all have permanent homes when relocating during the summer. Maybe our semi-permanent homes are not set up to support winters in a cooler climate. Either way, packing up and heading back south will look different this year.

Adapting to the New Normal

This year, it’s tough to know what the best choice is when preparing for the future. Our new normal is filled with more confusion than clarity. As you begin lists of things to do when buttoning up a seasonal home, you should include some added safety precautions. Your travel plans, for example, should be set before you leave. If you plan on stopping, chose a location ahead of time. If you need to spend a night in a hotel, scope out a few options, and set reservations with plenty of time to spare.

Once you do get back, remember that the warmer climate you left might look much different. Especially as you venture out, use extra caution. Wear a mask in public and limit your exposure to others until you get a good idea of how COVID-19 has affected the environment.  

Saying 2020 has been different is a drastic understatement, but with a little planning and consideration for travel safety, snowbirds will be able to fly south safely.