Fishing and Boating

Roll on lazy river, roll on…

Travelers Country Club on the Mississippi sits along the banks of the majestic Mississippi River. For some members, the lure of catching the big one draws them down to the boat landing to try their luck. Members have been known to catch walleye, bass, northern pike and assorted pan fish during the summer months.

During the dog days of summer, visitors can be seen walking along the sand bars that appear on south Park side of the river.

The river area is a draw for dog owners who like to let their pets run along the sand bars and maybe get a quick dip in the cool water. Members launch their boats and canoes from the river bank in their quest to explore the river.

During the spring and fall, the sound of Canadian geese can be heard along the river as squadrons of the fowl come down to rest and eat. From the other side of the river the sound of cattle can be heard as they graze in the nearby field.