As we begin to (hopefully) come out the other side of this pandemic, recreation enthusiasts are looking to take up their favorite outdoor activities again. As golf already supports keeping a distance from one another, it’s the perfect activity to get outside, get active, and breathe the fresh air.

All the same, it’s still important to stay vigilant. We won’t be getting back to business as usual right away. Follow these tips as you hit the links this season:

Keep Your Distance

This is standard practice for golfers, but it’s still important to mention. If using a golf cart, try to stick to one rider per golf car. If that isn’t possible, only ride with people you live with and are already in proximity with on a regular basis.

If possible, forego the cart and walk instead. That way, you won’t have to worry about sanitizing your cart after you are done with the round.

Sanitize Your Equipment

Speaking of sanitizing, be sure to clean your equipment. Just like it’s important to you wash your hands, take the time to wash your club grips, tees, and gloves before and after you use them. The easiest way to do this is to carry sanitizing spray or disinfecting wipes.

Alter the Rules Where Needed

Even activities that are typically thought of as “non-contact” (like pickleball) are safer when modified to follow social distancing practices. Again, if you can pair up with a member of your immediate household, you’ll reduce your risk of spreading or catching the virus.

In golf, there are also a few variations to the game that support safer practices. For example, if your ball strikes a raised cup liner or stops within a grip-length of the hole, call it a “gimme”. If you play with flagsticks, leave them in the hole to avoid spreading germs.

Play Selfishly

Anywhere you can help it, don’t share your clubs, tees, or equipment with others. Bring your own water bottle to the course instead of relying on others or the staff. Make sure you come to the course with everything you need, and anyone in your party should do the same.

Start Slow

Especially if you have been relatively inactive during the quarantine, you might experience extra pains when you get back on the course. That first day back is exciting, so taking your time and not overexerting yourself is more difficult than it sounds. You should also do some stretching to limber up before you hit the links.

Traveler’s Country Club is now open until October 15th for the 2020 season, but many of our buildings remain closed.

We recommend that our members and visitors follow social distancing and Minnesota’s Outdoor Recreation Guidelines and Governor Walz’s executive orders to keep us all safe and vigilant against this virus.