Because of COVID-19, rainy days are even more bothersome this year. When you can’t spend the day on the river, on the links, or just outside, check out these rainy-day indoor activities:

Play Cards or Board Games

There’s nothing like a classic card game to pass the time. You can’t go wrong with old favorites like cribbage, poker, or gin rummy. Include a few board games like Yahtzee, dominos, or Scrabble. You might even re-familiarize yourself with a game you haven’t played in years. (When is the last time you played a game of chess?) Lastly, don’t rule out fun new games like Qwirkle, Farkle, or Apples to Apples. It’s always enjoyable to learn something new.

Read or Listen to New Books

These days, you don’t need to make a trip to the store or library to pick up a new book. Plenty of companies and major sellers have e-readers available. Many public libraries also have eBooks and audiobooks available for their members. Start your own book club with other snowbirds or family members.

Listen to New Music

Have you been meaning to create a new Spotify playlist? Whether you are looking to discover new music or gather a list of your old favorites, take the time to organize your playlists. Next time you’re out on the links or relaxing on a boat, you’ll be glad you did.

Put Together a Puzzle

Puzzles are a classic rainy-day activity for all ages. There are countless options available, with different themes, images, and difficulties. Challenge yourself on something new. You can even double up activities: put on your favorite music playlist or audiobook while you solve a puzzle!

Try a New Recipe

Cooking is a great activity for any day, though sometimes you don’t have the time to set aside or ingredients available to cook something more difficult. Use the extra time on a rainy day to try out a new recipe. You can even make a batch of sweets to share with your fellow snowbirds.  

Video Chat with Friends and Family

The thing about being a snowbird is you almost always have friends or family members in another state or far away city. Take the extra time to call or have a video chat and catch up. Especially when face-to-face visits are tougher

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