Splitting the year between two homes can get complicated. Especially at the end of the season when snowbirds are packing up and heading for warmer weather, it’s tough to know what to bring back with you, what to leave behind, and what to put into storage until next season.

While you head to the warmer climates for the season–or just back to a more permanent residence–you’ll need to winterize your seasonal home.

Shut off the Water

Depending on where you stay during the warmer season, you might have available staff to help you with this. Otherwise, drain all of the water in your seasonal home to prevent pipes from freezing. Turn on faucets, flush the toilet to clear the water in the tank, and use plumbing-rated anti-freeze to prevent cracking of porcelain fixtures.

Unplug Appliances

You certainly won’t be brewing any coffee or watching any TV while your away. Take a moment to make sure all appliances that are not needed while you are away are unplugged. Depending on where you stay, you may choose to leave some electricity hooked up, such as motion-activated lights. At TCCOM, we have staff in the park all season long to monitor security in the park, so your seasonal home will be in good hands with or without any added safety measures.

Store Golf Carts, Boats, and Vehicles

Sadly, Minnesota weather only supports golfing for half of the year, so it’s time to put your golf cart away for the season. You’ll also want to find storage areas for your boat and any recreational or spare vehicles. Besides finding a space to store these vehicles, be sure to take care of any maintenance. Flush or change any fluids especially the oil), remove the battery if it’s not stored in a heated area, and give everything a good clean. If you’re not sure how to properly winterize a specific vehicle, take it to a mechanic or marina.

Check the Exterior of Your Seasonal Home

Especially in fall, small critters are looking for places to hibernate and hunker down for the winter. Make sure the doors, windows, and exterior of your seasonal home are prepared against them. Check for air leaks and add caulk if necessary. Close and lock windows and doors tightly.

Another season at Travelers Country Club on the Mississippi (TCCOM) has come to an end. We are open from April 15th to October 15th, but our maintenance manager is in the park during the off-season. All year round, our security cameras are watching, securing the access points to the park. Contact the TCCOM staff if you have any questions.