The melting snow and the familiar yet welcome sounds of chirping birds can only mean one thing: summer is on its way! The birds are back and it’s time for the snowbirds to return as well. Yes, we do have summer in Minnesota and it’s time to start thinking about setting up your summer home. There’s a lot of prepping that goes into setting up your summer home, but the good news is that it’s (mostly) FUN prepping!


Home Prepping

Preparing your summer home when you arrive is a fairly simple process once you compile a list of things you need to accomplish. Sometimes it’s things you wouldn’t have even thought of.

Make sure you’ve updated any home security measures you have in place.

  • Check the locks on your doors and windows to ensure they haven’t rusted or damaged over the winter months.
  • If you have a home security system, make sure it’s up-to-date and that you have the codes you need.

Double-check all of your first aid kits and emergency supplies.

  • Summer storms can be intense so flashlights and batteries are important.
  • Restock first aid kits if anything is expired or running low.

Prepare for pest control.

  • The summer heat creates perfect conditions for cockroaches, ants, bees, and other household pests. Protect your windows, doors, and foundation from invasive bug entry.

Consider how you’ll clean when you arrive.

  • You may need to buy new cleaning products or replenish what you already have.
  • Open your windows! The warm weather lends itself beautifully to air out that musty winter smell from your home.
  • Do you need to buy new bedding or did you store your summer bedding in the house? If it was stored over the winter you’ll probably need to wash it.

Plan for some outdoor cleanup.

  • Your gutters and downspouts may need to be cleaned. Leaf and debris clogged gutters can lead to leaks and damage from summer storms.
  • Yard maintenance may be something you need to consider depending on where you’re living.

Now that you’ve done the home prepping and you’re settling in, it’s time to consider the scheduling factors to setting up your summer home.


Schedule Prepping

Since you’re home for the summer your friends and family will be excited to spend as much time with you as possible. Preparing your schedule in advance will help with the chaos associated with houseguests.

Prepare for houseguests.

  • Set up spare bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Restock your fridge and cupboards.

Do some entertaining!

Plan your guest arrivals with events around town.

Summer home community events

  • If you live at a summer home community you and your guests will never be bored. The abundance of things to do might actually need to be planned ahead of time.
  • Clearing your schedule or planning around events and guests is a good idea. This will allow you to plan which events and activities you want to attend.

After all of that planning and prepping you’re ready for summer! Setting up your summer home is basically another element of settling in. You’re home again. Enjoy the weather with your family and friends from the comfort of your summer home.