2020 has been a rough year for just about everyone. From out regular routines being interrupted, to the ways we visit family and friends, to simply heading into work every day, we’ve all had to alter our lives because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Perhaps no one is more affected than snowbirds, who are usually planning on leaving their winter homes and heading north around this time.

Many Snowbirds have a solid travel plan when moving from their winter and summer homes. This might include rest stops, hotels, groceries, and sight-seeing, but with many of these accommodations closed down, it’s hard to do any decisive planning. Even with a clear indication of availability, hours of operation and stay-at-home orders change on almost a daily basis.

It’s a tough time to be a snowbird. It’s hard to decide on travel plans of any kind right now–whether they be over the next few weeks or few months.

Can I Leave? What If I Can’t Get Back?

In response to snowbirds’ worries, Many governors have stated that snowbirds can leave, but any travel is ill-advised. As of this writing, statewide travel is not banned. Health officials, however, are advising everyone to avoid any non-essential travel. This leaves snowbirds wondering, “Should I stay where I am?” Perhaps more importantly, the question remains if a person was to leave home and travel to another city or state, will they be able to make it back again? Like many areas of this pandemic, there isn’t yet a clear answer.

At this point, we are at somewhat of a “wait-and-see-what-happens” order in most of the country. As long as Governor Walz’ executive ‘Stay at Home’ orders are in place, Traveler’s Country Club will remain closed, just as any public golf course or resort state-wide. We hope all our residents and visitors stay safe during this uncertain time!