We are all familiar with snowbirds; seniors who travel north for the warm months and south during the colder months. But what does that lifestyle look like?

The snowbirds who call Traveler’s Country Club on the Mississippi their summer home have a variety of interests that keep them busy throughout the months they live here. These include golf, swimming, Pickleball, tennis, basketball, fishing, hiking, bocce ball, campfires, quilting, reading, and much much more. Our residents very active and like to keep busy and be productive.

How Does One Become a Snowbird?

Becoming a snowbird is cheaper and more affordable than you may think. It’s not only for the wealthy and can be well managed on a smaller budget. The beauty of it is you have the freedom to easily adjust your travel and living expenditures to meet your budget.

The snowbirds we know love community, whether it’s their northern home or southern winter retreat. ?There are entire newspapers and magazines dedicated to keeping seasonal travelers informed and connected. There are even associations and groups that host events and activities to introduce like-minded people in a fun and inviting environment. We do all of this as well at Traveler’s to ensure everyone knows everyone to have a fun time.

While most snowbirds are baby boomers, an increasing amount of the younger generation is following the same path as snowbirds. However, they prefer to be called ‘winter visitors’ instead.

Becoming a Snowbird

Did you know, studies have shown that snowbirds enjoy overall better health than those who stay in one place all year round? According to the study, more than 63 percent of snowbirds assessed their health as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’, while people of the same demographic who stayed put for the winter reported less desirable health.

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