Now that you’ve got some fun ideas to get your winter going, it’s also important to do some things that will just make your life easier when spring comes. None of these things or the things on the previous list has to be done one at a time. In fact, it?s probably a good idea to do a fundamental task while you’re engaging in something fun. Here are a few ideas to help you prepare and simplify your life before the spring:


The Fundamentals

It feels good to accomplish things and be prepared ahead of time! That’s not to say you spend your whole winter cleaning, organizing, and preparing. You can just do a few things that will make it easier to accomplish when the time comes!



You’re bound to have things that you don’t use or that wear out over the winter. You don’t have to hold onto that stuff, in fact, getting rid of it just means less to pack and bring north. It could be clothing you didn’t wear over the summer that you can donate before heading back. It could be cleaning out those craft supplies you didn’t use while making that quilt. Whatever it is, the less you have to bring back and forth, the easier the adjustments will be.


Set a Budget

Start a budget or start planning for things you want to do either over the summer or the following winter. It’s never too early to plan your fun! Sometimes it takes a little longer to plan that perfect trip or to get everyone?s schedules to align. Take the lead with your friends and family, everyone will be super appreciative and you’ll be able to enjoy yourselves better when the fun actually starts if it?s already been planned and prepped for.


Ask for help! The whole point of this list is to make things easier for you! If you begin your list and realize you have a lot on your plate, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Chances are you’ve created a community of people you can rely on who are in similar places in their lives. Work together to accomplish things. It’ll make the spring cleaning and decluttering more fun and efficient!