Buildings and Grounds Report – August 2017

We have had a few instances where there has been confusion about how lot lines are defined. Some installations are allowed within the two-foot area between the water standpipe and the trailer; these would include heat pumps, tankless water heaters, and propane tanks. Some trailers placed years back are not a full 2′ from the standpipe. These trailers are not compliant with our current rules, but are grandfathered in until they are moved or replaced; at that time they must be brought into compliance. Any installations allowed in this space cannot cross the lot line.

The line is defined by the water standpipe, not the electrical box post. There are a fair amount of existing propane tanks that violate lot lines; most of these tanks have been where they were for years and will not be required to be moved until they are replaced. All new installations in the area between the standpipe and the trailer require a park work permit and need to be compliant with current TCCOM Rules. A policy has been written that will make lot line definitions clearer.

Safety and Security Report August 2017

Hello to all owners at TCCOM! Our Safety and Security Committee met this past August 9th and the following were a few of the discussion points:

  • A reminder that the age limit for driving carts in the park, effective August 11th, is 15 years of age with a driving permit and a licensed adult (if 18 or under) in the cart. Children under the age of 5 may ride on the lap of a driver authorized to drive the cart.
  • Intersection obstructions (such as overgrown brush, tree limbs, or any other obstructions of view) were reported by a committee volunteer to the Park Manager. The committee has identified that at both ends of Cedar Street, it is difficult to observe oncoming traffic. We are looking into the possibility of installing convex mirrors that, when stopped, a driver can observe traffic in the mirror coming from both directions.
  • A report was made to the committee by the Park Manager on dumping and speeding violations since our last meeting. (There have been violations that the manager has taken up with the BOD and action has been taken on those violations). Speeding vehicles are being timed as they go into and out of the park while crossing over the white lines in front of the welcome building near the dumping area and down the maintenance road. Owners coming and going into the garbage area to drop off materials need to be protected…..Our maintenance volunteers also need to be protected while coming and going with their equipment each day. Please drive slowly and safely throughout the park, as well as, while coming into and leaving our park.

Other Updates

Next spring when dues are paid, the office will be handing out TCCOM Identification stickers for your cars. (If you would like to get a jump on picking up your sticker; please stop into the office to pick one up).

Our local fire department will be contacted by a committee volunteer to see if they would mind giving a fire extinguisher demonstration after our Annual Shareholder and Information meeting held each year on the 2nd Saturday in June. Please plan to stay for the demonstration after this meeting. Our fire department’s time is very important, and their willingness to perform a demonstration will be greatly appreciated. (The proper use of putting out various types of fires with different types of fire extinguishers will be demonstrated).

Finally, please advise your children, grandchildren, and guests, not to go near the edge of the riverbank erosion areas! These areas are very, very dangerous and not to be used as a lookout to the river. The riverbank has eroded to the point that various ledges have been created. If one steps on one of these ledges and it gives way…….very serious harm or even death may occur. Please do not even attempt to mow near these erosion areas as they are very DANGEROUS! Stay safe.

Halloween in August Party

Another great program is planned for “Halloween in August” at TCCOM. A Halloween parade, craft time, and playtime (slime, chase the golf ball, kids bingo with prizes, and candy) are planned. The parade will be around the common grounds by the Activity Building, followed by craft and playtime. Mark your calendar for Saturday, August 26th, 1:30–3:00 PM. Costumes may be worn for the parade; decorated bicycles, wagons, etc are also welcome.

Volunteer Luncheon

Whether you volunteer for an hour or dozens of hours, TCCOM wants to thank you for your contribution to our Park. Volunteerism is what keeps our Park running and the Annual Dues down. So, please join us for a free lunch on Sunday, August 27th, at 12 noon in the Activity Building. A sign-up sheet is on the upper level of the Club House. Please sign up so we have an idea as to how many will attend.

Chili Cookout

Cook and compete, or just come to eat, Sunday, September 3rd at the Activity Building. Contestants, bring your favorite chili in a large crockpot to the Activity Building by 3:00 PM (no cost to compete).

The chili meal (chili, cornbread, cookies, and beverage) runs from 4:00 to 6:00 PM. Meal tickets are now on sale at the Clubhouse office — $6.00 each for adults, children 5 and under are free. A limited number of tickets will be available at the door on the day of the event. Each ticket is good for one vote for your favorite chili. Votes will be counted at 5:30 PM.

Quilters Coffee

The TCCOM Quilters invite all ladies in the Park for coffee and roll at the Activity Building on Monday, September 11, at 10:00 AM.

TCCOM Church Services

Everyone is invited to TCCOM Church Services at 10:00 AM Sunday mornings at the Activity Building.

  • August 27 – Pastor Bruce Talso
  • September 3 – Myra Green Gospel Concert with traditional and gospel songs
  • September 10 – Pastor Jack Renberg
  • This will be the last service of the season. Potluck Brunch to follow service.

Thank you to all 300 Row members and Special Individuals who worked and donated their time to the Sundaes on Saturday event held on July 22. Special thanks to Bobbie Hall for donating the floral arrangements. A double special thanks to Ren and Julie Rice for donating an additional half bucket of ice cream at the end of our event. We had a perfect Ice Cream & Root Beer Float day. The Bean Bag tournament was a huge success and we thank everyone who participated and donated their time to this portion of our Sundaes on Saturday. We need co-chairs for the 2018 July Sundaes on Saturday event. We have notes and will gladly assist anyone willing to volunteer for this event.

Corn Feed

On behalf of the lower 100 and 200 rows, I would like to thank everyone who came to the corn feed. 274 tickets were sold. To cook and serve 864 ears of corn, 300 hamburgers, and 40 pounds of onions requires a lot of hard work and requires volunteers for the following tasks:

  • Create tickets, posters, and notices
  • Ticket Sellers
  • Buying groceries and supplies
  • Pick up corn from the farmer
  • Huskers
  • Set up tables and chairs
  • Prepare Onions
  • Corn Cookers
  • Burger Grillers
  • Carriers from outside in
  • Ticket Takers
  • Line Servers
  • Lemonade and Coffee Servers
  • Corn Runners
  • Cob Pick up
  • Table Tenders
  • Ice Cream Runners
  • 50/50 Sales
  • Announcer
  • Clean Up

It’s incredible the amount of work they put in and amazing how efficient and dependable they are. I want them to know that I have received many compliments about how good the food was and what a wonderful job they have done. I’m so proud of our group and so grateful to them for making it such a great success. Thank you!

Ladies Luncheon

The ladies’ luncheon was a huge success with 90 attendees and an abundance of delicious salads and desserts. Thanks go out to all the ladies that prepared the food. A special thank you to our models that enhanced their attire and gave us many laughs throughout the style show.